Erica Oliveira, Co-Creator & Co-Host

From an early age, Erica wanted to do big things. Whether it was operating the bucket on her father’s John Deere 318 tractor at three years old, or establishing over 60 pretend businesses before the age of 10, she knew that she wanted to try her hand at all kinds of things. Her undergraduate years were spent karyotyping human chromies for genetic abnormalities, and afterwards, earning an MBA in Marketing Intelligence and Venture Consulting. She has over 11 years in health care and all things communications: HR and employee engagement, business strategy, and a crisis here or there. Erica’s sweet spot is behavioral communications: the balance between science and communications. She loves digging into the nuances of how the brain works, and then applying those insights to communicate about, well pretty much anything.  

Erica is happiest when she’s creating and learning something new. Encouraged by her mentor to go out and create a podcast several years ago (and knowing next to nothing about how to do it), she stood up an internal company podcast to centralize all the different modes of innovation taking place at the company. When she’s not behind the mic, you can find her being active with her family, whether it’s skiing, wakeboarding, or lifting heavy stuff.

Ashley Cheretes, Co-Creator & Co-Host

“The joy is in the journey,” is what Ashley’s mom always used to say whenever she was trying something new. Real talk though, it probably took her to adulthood to really understand what that meant – there was always value in seeing the positive, even in the toughest circumstances. That message has stuck with her in her marketing career, where learning is doing, and failing fast is par for the course. Having spent the majority of her career in corporate America, Ashley has developed the mindset of respectfully challenging the status quo through consulting with clients and focusing on desired marketing results.

Ashley believes any woman can lead in the current seat she’s sitting in – with or without direct reports. After all, her hustle hasn’t always come easy, but it’s been so worth it. When Ashley is not changing the world with Eri, she’s enjoying a long run, a good book, her adorable kiddos, and her loving husband – sometimes all at once!

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