Power Girls are powerful girls.

Within that power, they are naturally curious, seek to understand, resilient, and brave, with the underlying grace of a smile, because they know they can make the impossible, possible.

They know how to use their voice and they don’t need to be loud to be heard – unless they choose to be.

They are gritty, believe in incremental progress towards their goals, and know that one day all that hard work will pay off.

They are firm believers that rejection is redirection, recognizing there are lots of ways to reach their dreams, all while paving the way for other power girls to find joy in their journeys. 

They know their strength doesn’t come from keeping others down, but instead by being kind and lifting them up. They trust their gut and their feelings.

They know how to accept feedback, taking in what works and letting the rest go. They spend their energy on what they can control, instead of on what cannot be changed. In the toughest situations, they always see the positive.  

They are confident in themselves and know their worth, whether others choose to see it or not.

Being a Power Girl is not about being hungry for power. It’s about stepping into it and using it to create a better workplace for yourself and future female leaders. Believe in your power, girl – we do.